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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Random acts of kindess

I nearly forgot it was my month, thanks Miki for the heads up! 
 I've been scattered this month... I whipped up a HEARTS quilt, that I will be giving to my
 mother when she comes out of heart surgery on VALENTINES day!  
Of course I only thought of this Monday, and I leave Sunday for MN.
I figured it will be just the thing to perk her up... 

So sticking with that idea, Can you whip up a few SMALL HEARTS, 
random free pieced style, 
and make a mini Valentine for someone special?  
Give it to someone as a complete random act of kindess... 
(or even an AAQI quilt would be nice.)

( I repeat a  SMALL gift, not a whole quilt like I did... I will make another small one)

Who would least expect to get a little gift from you this month?  
It doesn't have to be given by Valentine's day, Since I am so late, 
but just make something sweet and surprise someone in the near future...

 Happy Valentine'sDay early!



  1. The fabrics you used are Sooo pretty. Your mom will love this one. ;)

  2. Thanks Beth! All pink and red hearts and one purple heart for bravery! ;-) I think she will love it!

  3. What a great idea! Valentine surprises are so good to give ...and to get!! Have a LOVE-ly time with Mom!!!

  4. Oh! I have lunch with my wonderful and sweet cousin tomorrow. I wonder if I can get one done tonight?


  5. beautiful quilt , the perfect gift for your mom
    I wish her the best and a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself too.

  6. Love your quilt for your mom ... yummy colors ... & she will love it, too ... no doubts in my mind.

  7. Great idea. I have a couple of real Valentines in my life -- both my mother and son have birthdays on Feb. 14. best wishes and warm thoughts to your mom and you.

  8. There could be nothing more appropriate tnan successful heart surgery on Valentine's Day! I wish your mom the best and good health to follow.

    I made a small valentine for my favorite cousin, who I will be meeting for lunch today at an old Acadian Slave Cabin on the Mississippi River. She will be surprised! And delighted!



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