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Monday, January 30, 2012

One Word Challenge

This year I'd like to break some more quilting "rules".

I'm going to "live dangerously" in 2012!!!

Word for the Year

My first attempt at letter piecing reminds me of first grade Penmanship class. Lots of ink smudges...but I did it!

Sunday, January 29, 2012



 Going to do some Hand quilting, perhaps add a nice border...

Enough said.


OK, I'm back....


Monday, January 23, 2012

It's not a race, but.....

My word for the January challenge
 is more of a theme for my activities outside my quilting life,
although it could be applied to quilt making as well.

This is the year I'm going to tackle a large writing project,
a mid-life master's thesis
so I thought my word should reflect that.

I want to complete that thesis in 2012,
so my word reflects that goal:
a finish line.

Here it is, hanging like the banner at the finish line of a race,
in front of the window behind my sewing table.
The Amish quilts on top of the window
are calendar pages mounted on foam core. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Word Is ...

This is not my original word.
But the more I thought about my original word
the more associations I had -
until finally I settled on the word Trust.
It's a personal word & does not refer to trusting others
but rather trusting myself ...
my instincts, impulses, thoughts, decisions, etc.

Thanks for the challenge, Glen.
I know I can look at this for a year & it will have meaning!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Enjoying Word Challenge

Wednesday was my first day back after vacationing in Mexico ....
And I was eager to start something new ...

Two peeks for you all ...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

January Challenge - glen

I got inspired today and took advantage of a clear calendar.  I only need to bind my word and it will be finished.

I still did not find the Word Play book so I had to wing it.  I wrote the letters out on a notebook page and then drew them so I could see how to  set up the fabric.  It was really easy that way.  I listed 6 of the "O" units and made them easily into a, b, d, and g.  I and L were simple.  But the S and N gave me fits.  Mostly because I made the N part and accidentally used it in the S and had no N when I went to sew that one...aughh!

And quilting was interesting.  I sewed my quilting gloves into one of the letters.  AND....I also sewed a pin cushion into one of the long side strips.  Now how do you figure I did that?????????

It is odd, I must admit.  But it is decidedly me.

And for my word, if you can't figure it out, I chose the albondigas.

Huh?  Well, it is not an English word, it is Spanish and it happens to be my favorite word.  Both the a's are short a's and the accent is on the "bon" part of the word.  Al-BON-di-gas!  Say it with feeling!

Ever since Spanish Class in High School I have loved this word so it has special meaning to me.  Oh, it actually means "meatballs".  But it makes me laugh.  And last year was a horrible, sad, terrible, icky year, and looking at this word always makes me laugh.

Silly, I know.  But I am hoping for a fun, silly, wonderful year in 2012.  And Albondigas just might get me there!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

January Pondering

I was lying in bed this morning pondering my word HOPE, when my eye landed on this block which I had put into my Dear Jane quilt. I thought of my early days in 4-H and could actually remember the pledge! "My head for clearer thinking, my heart for greater loyalty, my hands for larger service, and my health for better living..." Aha! I believe it makes sense to renew this pledge after sixty years. YESSS!!!

Getting started with Wonder

Today, I wondered what would happen if I tried this, and this, and this,

It was with great wonder and amazement, I actually came up with these letters.  My word for this year is Wonder, as in looking at the world with wonder.  I don't have Tonya's book on putting letters together, or anybody elses, so I just decided to wing it.  After about an hour, this is what I had.  Hmmm.
Then, I pulled some other fabrics and came up with this.

I wonder what would happen if I added some applique, did some hand quilting, bound it with the curved top.  I will look at it on the design wall for a few days and see what happens.

January Challenge Update

I want to know how you are doing!  I want to know that because I have been totally and unproductively searching for my Word Play book for two weeks now.  I was doing that big clean up in my room and I had the darn thing in my hands.  Now, it is nowhere to be found!

I even started a process post and had to stop because all I did was search through stacks of books for my precious book.

Doesn't that make you want to AUGHHHHHHH!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Got Trees!

See what Miki made for me?

I squee-ed when I saw it, cos it's just so cheery, but would you look at it? One big tree all decorated . . .

. . . and a medium tree, complete with birds, and then a little tree hiding in between.

AND . . . hand applique and hand quilting . . . and all that beading! Such an amount of work! I'm so honored!

But wait, there's more . . . check out that binding! I LOVE THAT! So unexpected, and very awesome indeed!

I know it's kinda Christmas-y, but I wanna leave it hanging all year.

And not only that, but look what else was hiding in the package for me! How did she know? I can hardly wait to use this in something . . .

Thank you so much, Miki! I really love it all . . .

Saturday, January 7, 2012

January Challenge

Oh Oh Oh......I am soooo scatterbrained these days.  Someone should have rattled my cage!

For January I want you to take one of those words you thought about  and make a small hanging for your sewing room/area/closet that will inspire you throughout the year.  Think about what you want to look at in June and in September and in December and hopefully into the next 50 years. 

Make it a positive word of course.

And size is up to you, but I am thinking something smallish like a 12 or 20 inch rectangle or square or circle even. 

What will inspire you, what will make you feel good about your work, what will make you happy?  What will keep you grounded?

Give this one to yourself, you deserve it.  And let it take you through the new year!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Any more triangle trees out there?

As the instigator of the December swap, I feel slightly obligated to check:
Did everyone get their tree quilt/project?
Have we seen them all here?
I've had lots of great comments on the one I got from Margaret (top)
and I had fun making the one for Beth (bottom)
as well as an extra for a friend.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Poppies in Bloom

Well, not really....but those colors really brighten up my winter blacks. I added my Gee's Bend inspired blocks to some silks and a scarf was born. A bit of quilting to hold those logs in place and I'm ready to wear.