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Thursday, January 19, 2012

January Challenge - glen

I got inspired today and took advantage of a clear calendar.  I only need to bind my word and it will be finished.

I still did not find the Word Play book so I had to wing it.  I wrote the letters out on a notebook page and then drew them so I could see how to  set up the fabric.  It was really easy that way.  I listed 6 of the "O" units and made them easily into a, b, d, and g.  I and L were simple.  But the S and N gave me fits.  Mostly because I made the N part and accidentally used it in the S and had no N when I went to sew that one...aughh!

And quilting was interesting.  I sewed my quilting gloves into one of the letters.  AND....I also sewed a pin cushion into one of the long side strips.  Now how do you figure I did that?????????

It is odd, I must admit.  But it is decidedly me.

And for my word, if you can't figure it out, I chose the albondigas.

Huh?  Well, it is not an English word, it is Spanish and it happens to be my favorite word.  Both the a's are short a's and the accent is on the "bon" part of the word.  Al-BON-di-gas!  Say it with feeling!

Ever since Spanish Class in High School I have loved this word so it has special meaning to me.  Oh, it actually means "meatballs".  But it makes me laugh.  And last year was a horrible, sad, terrible, icky year, and looking at this word always makes me laugh.

Silly, I know.  But I am hoping for a fun, silly, wonderful year in 2012.  And Albondigas just might get me there!



  1. I think it is great that you went with albondigas. It seems to fit you perfectly, from what I have gotten to know about you from your blog. Enjoy your wonderful little quilt. Congrats on getting all the letters to work without a pattern.

  2. Oh, I love it! A great word!
    And it makes me laugh, too!

  3. Good fun quilt, Glen. Yes, do have a happy, silly year in 2012, what a good ambition!

  4. PERFECT! Now I'm kind of hungry for meatballs....

  5. You are a stitch, Glen! Sounds like a fun start to the new year....including your glove & pin cushion was no accident...just part of process!

  6. I speak Arabic, and there are so many words just like that for me. They don't necessarily "mean" anything, but they sure do make me laugh! I think it's a great idea to have that as your word so you can look at it and laugh every time. I may have to make a "yellow watermelon" quilt now! You've inspired me!

  7. good job in figuring out your letters. many letters can be started using a log cabin style block, but you're right that "N" and "R" are trickier.


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