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Sunday, January 15, 2012

January Pondering

I was lying in bed this morning pondering my word HOPE, when my eye landed on this block which I had put into my Dear Jane quilt. I thought of my early days in 4-H and could actually remember the pledge! "My head for clearer thinking, my heart for greater loyalty, my hands for larger service, and my health for better living..." Aha! I believe it makes sense to renew this pledge after sixty years. YESSS!!!


  1. I always wanted to be in 4-H. But the Girl Scout Troop met in the church down the street from my school and I could walk there and home.


  2. Wonderful. I have not heard that pledge before. I was a girl scout, but lately I have been wishing I had been in 4H.

  3. You've got a MUCH better memory than I!

  4. Taht is a good memory, love the quilt!


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