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Monday, January 23, 2012

It's not a race, but.....

My word for the January challenge
 is more of a theme for my activities outside my quilting life,
although it could be applied to quilt making as well.

This is the year I'm going to tackle a large writing project,
a mid-life master's thesis
so I thought my word should reflect that.

I want to complete that thesis in 2012,
so my word reflects that goal:
a finish line.

Here it is, hanging like the banner at the finish line of a race,
in front of the window behind my sewing table.
The Amish quilts on top of the window
are calendar pages mounted on foam core. 


  1. What a wonderful goal. Your banner is a perfect reminder, and very nice to look at.

  2. Very cool! Love the graphic look!

  3. hahah! I love it! I haven't started mine yet... but I'm thinking about it! maybe mine should be, "ready, steady, GO! "

  4. You are amazing, Brenda! A writer, too? I feel so lazy now. Haven't started mine either. Will finish last in this one!


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