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Saturday, January 7, 2012

January Challenge

Oh Oh Oh......I am soooo scatterbrained these days.  Someone should have rattled my cage!

For January I want you to take one of those words you thought about  and make a small hanging for your sewing room/area/closet that will inspire you throughout the year.  Think about what you want to look at in June and in September and in December and hopefully into the next 50 years. 

Make it a positive word of course.

And size is up to you, but I am thinking something smallish like a 12 or 20 inch rectangle or square or circle even. 

What will inspire you, what will make you feel good about your work, what will make you happy?  What will keep you grounded?

Give this one to yourself, you deserve it.  And let it take you through the new year!



  1. My goodness. This will be a good challenge for me. I will really have to think about how to create something for wonder and joy. Thank you for this challenge.

  2. This is a great challenge, Glen! Like a New Year's resolution, it makes one look backward and forward at the same time. And this challenge makes one look inward as well.

  3. Hmm . . . I've already got lots of ideas for this one!

  4. PS. Love those photos you posted! Your personal inspirations?

  5. Like this idea a lot ... & I have my word ... but today I leave on a trip & won't be able to start until Jan 18 when I return. Do we share our word in advance or only reveal it little by little?

  6. my whole life is words....I gotta think about this one. thanks for the challenge!


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