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Monday, February 13, 2012

String hearts for February challenge

String hearts, 8.5 by 19.5

I played with some red strings to make hearts

machine quilted hearts into the background
and bordered it with a ric rac fabric

and hung it in my front hallway.
I know Victoria asked us to give our challenge quilt to someone who wouldn't expect it,
but I kept this one for two reasons:
my son's birthday is on Valentine's Day
and I give nearly everything else away.


  1. I love the red contrasted with the green, like in the last one as well. I may have to pull some of my green bin and see how it plays with the red bin......glen

  2. What a great idea! Love these hearts and the way you created the borders.

  3. Heartstrings! What a great idea. Happy Birthday to Sonny!!! I's sure he has a special place in your heart, Brenda!!!

  4. Sweet! You did it so fast! Happy bday to the boy!!

  5. It's very nice, and I don't blame you for keeping it. A valentine for your ownself is never a bad thing! Happy Birthday to your son!


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