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Saturday, June 30, 2012

My May Challenge

My May challenge really had me stuck.  My subway token plan just didn't go anywhere.
 Meanwhile I'd been saving produce net bags to recycle.... they reminded me of my mom's old veils.  The other day  my friend Naomi gave me some lovely leaf fabric that she had dyed.  Then I remembered Victoria's own Mary fabric.   I dug in my treasure bin and came up with it and a satin rose taken from a valentine from my hubby...also some ribbons from holiday gifts.   Every element had special meaning, and it went together magically.  Sometimes you just have to wait a while for inspiration.

I used the pink net on Mary and the leaves, the yellow on the upper portion, and the green on the bottom.  It made subtle color changes and added texture.  Very ease to sew through, by the way.  

This year has been great fun.  I love the challenges we've had.  Thank you all very much!


  1. Very sweet! I love the netting, nice touch.

  2. Waiting for inspiration seemed to be the right tactic for this. It's a really cute piece. I like the added touch of having it hanging from the ribbon tied in a bow.

  3. This is so beautiful. I have to get going on my May piece. You have inspired me.


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