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Friday, November 18, 2011

December challenge

For our challenge this month, I have two guidelines: triangle trees and 50 inches.
I'd like you to make a seasonal quilt (Christmas or winter, whatever you prefer)
with evergreen/Christmas/triangle trees.
I think triangles have a modern esthetic.
You can use one colour or many, made fabric or not,
but try to reflect the season in some way.
Where I live that means snow and cold and dark.

This is a quilt I made for an earlier online winter challenge

As for the 50, please make the entire project (pieced, quilted, and bound)
 no larger than 50 inches in circumference
eg, 12 by 12 inches is 48 inches around.
I'll leave the shape to you, but I'm asking you to make it 50 inches or less
so that it can fit into a mailing envelope easily (maybe by folding)
and because all of you said you're up for a small  challenge.

So to recap:
1. triangle trees, seasonal colours
2. 50 inches or less around
3. mail it to the person underneath you on our sidebar list by Dec. 31
(eg. Beth to Miki, Miki to Shelly....and I mail to Beth.)
4. Post about the process/and or finished quilt.


  1. This will be fun. Not sure what colors I will use yet, but I have been wanting to make something with triangle trees for a while.

  2. OK! I can do this! But not until sometime next week -- ack! Wow, Glen, I hope you're not sorry you'll be getting mine!

  3. Ooh! Maybe I can hand deliver mine to helen! :-)

  4. not that I would in the least bit be unhappy, but, uh, Shelly....how do you figure I am underneath you?

    Or am I just confused?

    Oh, lordy, I must be confused, I don't get the beth to miki either........

    Maybe I'll go back to bed or get a stiff drink or something and it will look different in the morning........


  5. Yay!!! I'm finally getting a quilt from my "daughter" ;))

  6. Perfect challenge for the season ...


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