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Monday, March 5, 2012

My March Mini

My mini is a bit over 12" x 12".  I decided to use an orphan block I made a year or so ago because I didn't want to lose the tiny piece of fabric with the moth. The original block goes out to the gold corners.  I don't know why I was drawn to this moth, but I think she is very lovely.  I went through the stash and found some fabric I wanted to add, including the last of the Harvest Gold.  I am such a throwback to the 60s sometimes.
Because I wanted this to be a learning experience, as well as just fun, I decided to add a flange (I think that is what it is called when there is a piece that is only attached on one side between borders.).  I learned that I need to miter the corners of the flange and the next border to get the look I want, but I decided this time to leave it the way it turned out.  My next new thing was to do some thread drawing with the machine.

The first thing I did was the little moth in the center.  I used my favorite King Tut variegated.  Then I did some meandering on the first border.

I had drawn in some little moths in the corner squares because I didn't feel confident enough to freehand them.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  The rest of the quilting is meandering.
I have hung this on my wall of minis.  It is fun to have one of my own up there. 


  1. Very wonderful! I just love your moth too!


  2. Love this, Miki ... and your story.
    Isn't it satisfying when you do something you haven't done before!

  3. Your pretty little moth looks so right with the turquoise and gold. I didn't know Harvest Gold was dated. I consider it Classic. And this piece is Timeless!!!

  4. I like the thread painting and the flange/piping and the little moth. great mini!

  5. It's very cute. And a WALL of minis? OK, I'm jealous, and I want one of those.


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