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Friday, March 2, 2012

Woefully Behind

How do you guys sew so fast and get so much done? I'm always behind!

But I promise, I'm still in the game, and chugging along . . .

Here's the beginnings of my October challenge:I've decided to make a fairly large quilt for mine, so it might take me awhile, but since it's not a race . . . I'm making what I want to make, and enjoying the challenge and the process for what it is.

Here's my January challenge piece:
I don't have it quilted yet, and I'm toying with the notion of outlining the letters with black embroidery before I do, since they don't seem to stand out as well as I'd like from my made-fabric background. What do you think?

And I have a plan and a recipient in mind for my February challenge, but I simply haven't taken the time to start it yet.

I also have plenty of orphans to use in the March challenge, so I'll be getting busy on that one fairly soon.

I'll post more when I have more to show!


  1. Gosh, Shelly, love what you've posted here! Think the colors & angles in the quilt top are wonderful ... not sure about outlining your word ... have you considered densely quilting so that the letters pop?

  2. Both look fabulous!! Embroidery would indeed pop the letters.. I often do that. It so beautiful, I'm inspired!!!

  3. Took me a few seconds to make out your word.....but I love it when a work of art makes me work a bit. The mysterious beauty of your letters makes me want to get involved. I would leave it as is....

  4. These are wonderful. I really love the fabrics you are using for your October challenge. The colors are fabulous! I like the way you have to pay attention to see your word. Isn't that what inspiration is all about - paying attention. It is beautiful.

  5. Sorry ladies, I have been on a retreat all weekend, out in the country without a worry at all!

    Love your word Shelly, late is relative! You have a word and that is a good thing.

    And what a neat peice it is. Good for you.


  6. Late? what's late? I still haven't finished my Lotta Jansdotter piece, and I totally skipped one month. so it's all good.
    as for your word, I didn't notice the "in" in "inspire" until the second or third look. maybe embroidery would bump up the contrast.


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