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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Choosing palletes is not for sissys

I have been taking a few minutes here and there to look through the palette colors and see what I liked.  I did have definite preferences, I found.  The pastel or pale colors were not grabbing me, nor were the pinks and purples.  I decided I must like the deep rich tones, the jewel tones.  Which is surprising because that is not what my stash looks like! Hmm.

I copied the ones I that grabbed my eye into a file I created about 2 weeks ago.  During that time, the photos just shot themselves into that file without much thought from me.  Which was a bad thing, because when i sat tonight to look at them to narrow them down, I had no idea where the file was located!

Then I realized the pictures were probably not in a simple JPEG format, so by process of elimination and some brilliant detective work, I found them --- converted them -- and was astonished!

I had copied 8 into my folder.  Four were grey palettes with either a deep teal, green or purple added in.  Two were given Oriental names (which may have drawn me) and were similar except for one color.  The  other two were orange and orange red palettes!

How diverse and yet how similar!  I was very surprised to see the commonality of the palettes and the striking differences among them.

I think I have chosen this one.  And I chose it because I love that  dragon picture  yellow gold part and the deep red with the teal.   But I may waffle and go back to the orange and red one. 

No matter what, this will have to wait.  I have one week to pack, I am leaving for Rome next week.  Rome, Greece, Egypt and Turkey.  Anywhere that you see violence and rioting and tear gas last week is on my travel schedule this week.

How did THAT happen?  Aughhh!

glen:  PS.....obviously I can't spell p a l e t t e either!


  1. I have both of these in the folder I created when I was looking. Great choices. Have a wonderful time on your trip! Stay safe.

  2. Your choices have an exotic flavor. I hope you will bring back some treasures from your trip....photos, fabrics, and fond memories!

  3. have an amazing trip! be safe! You are right! Some very unstable places on your itinerary. The colors you chose are trip worthy! fabulous!


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