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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Turning Tricks

I was afraid the next challenge would be issued before I'd had time to execute my self-professed brilliant idea for my Card Tricks challenge, so I worked hard on mine, and it's finished! (I'm tired of always being behind!)

I have a really hard time sitting still and idle (which is why I can't watch TV), so I sketched like a maniac while sitting in the hospital with my sister after she had surgery in mid-September. I must have drawn 20 different block ideas, and then started to play with them and how they built on each other from one to the next.

And here's what I came up with:

I'm calling it Turning Tricks. You can see my original block top center. The trick is, if you go either direction from any block, the blocks next to it are derivatives, all the way around the circle. Doesn't matter where you start or end, or which direction you go, they each build on the one next to it -- either side.

I arranged a setting that would make them go sort of circular, and then filled in the boring middle with some plain little squares of my four solid colors. I also thought it needed something to contain it rather than just having it all floating in the white, so I used my solid scraps to make the pieced border.

I quilted it with straight diagonal lines that are fairly random and overlap intermittently. It ended up 47" square.
And . . . I was so thrilled with it that I entered it into the Project Modern: Challenge 4 competition. Not that it'll take a prize, but just for kicks. I'm not usually quite so bold!


  1. I think you'll win! Come on....where are are they going to find a better example of an original modern quilt??


    Good luck!


  2. SO clever!!!!!! It's a winner, all right. Love the name, too.

  3. Shelly! I'm blown away by your finished quilt! Love it! And intrigued with your process ... seems like you worked the whole concept out on paper before starting. Congratulations! Good luck!

  4. Fabulous job, shelly!! Nicely done! I love how you thought about the blocks and changes! Great colors too!

  5. Very impressive. It is great fun to look at each block and see how they came together from the one before. Congratulations.

  6. The Card Tricks pattern has always intrigued me, so your quilt is fun to study. I'm glad that I got to see it in person tonight.


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