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Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Challenge

I know some of us are still working on our October challenge, and it is still early in October, but I thought I would throw this out for anyone who wants another challenge.
This will make more sense if you read it through before you do the first step.

First Step

Second Step
Click on Palette Search

Third Step
Choose a palette from one of the first category groups.  Try and find a palette you don't often work with, but you still like.

This is one example of thousands.
When you have selected a palette, post it here so we can all ooh and aah.

This may become addictive.  Allow enough time for this step.

Fourth Step
Select fabrics in solids, plaids, and/or reads as solids.

Fifth Step
Familiarize yourself, if you are not already familiar, with the styles of the Gees Bend Quilters and with Jean Wells in this book:

Her website is

 Examples of Gees Bend Style Quilts:

Sixth Step
Start building your quilt.  Decisions on size are up to you and your fabric and your process.  Please post photos along the way and write about your process from picking a palette and fabric to design choices.  That is part of this challenge.

Have a creative time with this challenge.  I am looking forward to what all of you create and reading about your process.


  1. Just to let you know the November challenge is up.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. My head is already reeling! Thank Heaven I finished my other one, because I can't WAIT to get started on this!!!!!

  3. Oh Oh OH OH! I went to our guild auction last night and won a huge basket of SOLIDS! Yeah!

    I kept thinking of Nancy Crow's book Crossroads. I love this idea. It will be just the thing to spur me from this doldrum of inactivity!

    Solids, Nancy Crow, and a new Challenge!


  4. The Gees Bend quilts are awesome. What a challenge this will be!

  5. I just yesterday ordered the book. I'm not up to the challenge yet, but will be soon I hope.

  6. Oh boy ... I've looked ... so-oooooo many palettes to choose from ... that alone will take me a month ... have never made a Gees Bend style quilt ... am liking this challenge a lot!


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