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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Charm pack, please hurry!

Looking for the bright spot in my day which would bring the charm pack to me.  While I was waiting I sat down and started playing in EQ6.  If the charm pack for Echo will have 42 squares, I am in like Flynn.

(I wonder who Flynn was and what he was in?)

I had to seriously change what I was thinking due to the fact that we were getting a charm pack and not 13 yards of fabric, then try to decide what solid to add to it.  But then it came to me in a blinding flash of lightening, literally!  We WERE having a storm and it WAS lightening and most dogs were crowded around me on the sofa trying to not get zapped. 

(No one ever has, but the Late Great Fabulous Bonnie Doon told them they would get zapped one day.)

So I have a plan.  And a good plan at that.  I need some quilting distraction from my other woes in this world, and I can't wait to get the fabrics and see what color I need to add to it. 

I could order some now but I think a gray that I already have will work beautifully.  Black is a given.



  1. My charm pack had 22 squares and not 42. My quilt will be smaller than imagined, but that is okay with me. I enjoy the smaller quilts.

  2. The story I've always heard is that "in like Flynn" refers to Errol Flynn and his womanizing ways (you can make your own assumptions about exactly "what" he was "in" -- I know I did!) My question is: "Who is the Late Great Fabulous Bonnie Doon?" A fortune-teller for canines? My charm pack has 20 charms. I chose a navy solid to go with them, and I already have a plan . . . Frankly, I'm wondering who I am and what I've done with myself, since this is so unlike me!

  3. the charms were a thin mixture, I combined the three extra packs to get us as many as we could to play with... Can't wait to see what happens with these...

  4. I'm thinking yellows. but I am known to change my mind! LOL!


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