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Monday, August 8, 2011

The KISS Principle

My life is kinda full right now, so I am forced to apply the KISS principle....Keep it simple....
So what could be easier than two giant 9-patches??? I am loving these prints so much that I want to keep 'em big.

Now for the solid question. Know I already went for the gray, but am now second guessing and wondering about black, my old standby. And I could wrap it up quickly with some fusible bias tape and have the "string bag" I have always wanted.


  1. You were smart to leave them big. I cut mine up small, and I don't like it any more.

  2. I thought about putting them together in. Ig squares too. I am sure it will look great. What I am seeing is wonderful so far. This is fun!!


  3. This looks very cool. These fabrics look so good together, even with all the different patterns and colors. This shows the line off well.


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