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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Got my squares today!

So I guess I can no longer whine about anything.  We had Open House at the Library for the Quilt Show today so I had to be there doing the Jelly Roll Race for Charity Quilts.  The public got a chance to be a part of the donation quilts by sewing the strips.  And we got two quilt tops made by 2 PM.  Fun.

I left early at 2 PM and went to a Pampered Chef party (my friend made me come to her party, I went kicking and screaming but I did buy the requisite one item just to be a good sport.)  Valerie packed up my stuff and my camera and brought it to her house.  So I don't have my camera tonight.  I will have to shoot pictures when I get home from the dog show tomorrow.  (a friend's Borzoi is #5 in the country)

When I got home I found my package!  Yeah!

So I tossed some sandwiches together and made Frank eat fast so I could get sewing.

I love black and I wanted big so I framed every square in black.  I have 20 squares.  So they will go 4 x 5.

My daughter the Interior Designer has a wall in her house that is simply covered with black and white photos of her and her hubby and their dog in black frames of all the same size.  The wall is a taupey gray.  And it is dramatic.  So I wanted to copy it. 

So I created a wall and hung my framed squares on the "wall".  Oh, I love it.

And it is a nice lap quilt. BUT.....I spent all night working out a pattern plan on graph paper that i did not use at all. so I have another quilt to build at some point with different fabrics.

Fun and stretching.  I did this with no fear!



  1. No fear ... wonderful ... looking forward to seeing your progress!

  2. Ooh, I can't wait to see pictures . . .


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