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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I get to play!

 Finally! I have had ideas rumbling around in my head for days!!!  
And today I cut into some yummy fabric to play...

 Being so excited and working to fast, I snagged some cotton... 
slow down, breathe! (see my triangle there.. LOL) oopsie!

I'm also running out of this ochre gold color... 
so I may have an extra challenge of how 
I can make it stretch as far as possible! 

I have a feeling some EXTRA creative thinking will need to happen...
I'm going for lap size, and some really fun free motion QUILTING!

I'm seriously loving these Lotta fabrics!!
I NEED more!  well, OK, it's not so much a NEED

But I seriously Want... with a capital W.


  1. I LOVE lap quilts! S-t-r-e-t-c-h that ochre gold, girl!!!

  2. Lap quilts are my favorite size. I do hope you are abl to stretch the ochre gold. It is a wonderful color. Love your design idea.

  3. I love it so far. Lap size is certainly ambitious, given the small number of squares! I hope you can pull it off . . .

  4. Love that color with it. Maybe I should have gone brighter rather than goth dark.......



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