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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

card trick

Here's the card trick block.

And here it is with the outside squares flipped out.

Here it is using four colors.

And with the four inside squares flipped out.

I DID contemplate making this wonky....
but I didn't.

I made some table mats for a bi-monthly meal
that I prepare for senior citizens.
I just added a 2 1/2" border to the blocks....
flannel on the back...a little quilting.....

Ready for FALL!


  1. Wonderful mats...so pretty and bright...and all different, too. Seniors will appreciate all your "home-mades!" Will you make some for yourself now?

  2. Dang girl you are fast! They look good!!! way to go!

  3. I never even thought to turn blocks around. I started out cutting first. That is the beauty of being in a group with such talented people. There are so many wonderful ideas. Love the mats.

  4. Well, dang, I am mightily impressed!

    glen: who acutally has a free day tomorrow by some sinister stroke of luck and has 20,742 sewing projects to do.

  5. Nice mats ... and how fast you are ... love the first one & seeing what happened with the changes!


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