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Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Got To Thinking . . .

. . . before I start posting about the new challenge, I really should post what I made from the last one . . .

I used my Lotta fabrics to make a table runner.
After the fact, I realize that some of these fabrics don't work so well cut up in tiny pieces. I like my idea, I just wish I'd done something different with these fabrics. I may try this on a larger scale some other time with different smaller-scale fabrics or even solids (in bigger pieces). I think it'll work much better that way.

But, what's done is done, and I've moved on.

Seein' as how the first rule of the new game says: "Using Only SOLIDS . . . " and I didn't have enough solids in my stash to even shake a stick at, I had to order some. They got here Saturday, so I stayed up late last night after getting home to make my first original Card Tricks block.I had to sit in the hospital with my sister for the last few days (and I still have some more babysitting to do while she recuperates) so I've had plenty of time to play with my sketchbook, and I came up with a big idea for my Card Tricks blocks, so as soon as I get time in my studio, I'm gonna keep on going with this. More later . . .


  1. THat table runner is THE BEST! Sending some prayers your way for your sister.

  2. I love your table runner! It reminds me of a Japanese tatami mat design but is more original. ILooks great as is. Hope you will share more of this design.

  3. I LOVE your table runner! the patterns are great! the card trick challenge is percolating for me...

  4. The design in your table runner is great ... really eye-catching.
    And I love your colors for card trick & eager to see your "big idea"!

  5. I love your table runner! I think it works very well. Can't wait to see what you do with the card trick challenge.


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