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Thursday, September 8, 2011


 I learned something about myself today...

Rarely do I pick out a particular group of fabrics, 
and lay them out in a planned 
quilt sort of way and make blocks.
Anytime I have done this, I never finished the quilt... I realized, 
I am not actually good at this.
I tend to put every color together, 50 different fabrics all in one block and away I go... 
For me trying to pick THREE to use... Made me insane... 
I screwed up my first block, then took it apart to fix it, screwed it up again.... 
and well, this block went in to the trash... after I crumpled it up...

I do, of course, realize I didn't NEED to just PICK three, 
I just thought it was a fun way to start,
since it's a different way for me to work, so why not?
I like a challenge... usually!
 I cut up 8 different fabrics trying to get a  triad I liked...
HST's anyone?  I have a bunch!
Alas, I got the FIRST block done.  I started at 8 it's now noon. eek! sorry 1pm.
I messed this up too... I ran out of orange and had to piece fabric 
together after I cut the orange 
the wrong size... sigh.

Now to go about my usual way on all the others! LOL!


  1. I was going to work on sewing today. but life once again got in the way. Maybe tonight, the Saints play and all the guys are going to watch it. I have no interest in a team that lost for 35 years then had one winning season. Well, don't have any interest in football at all for that matter

    glen: sewing is my sport

  2. This block was a learning experience for me too. I finally figured out "MY way".

  3. You're hilarious! I can just see you wadding that one up and pitching it. My sister does that occasionally, only when she does, she also lights the trash bin on fire!


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