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Monday, September 5, 2011

October Challenge for Modern 8 Create!

Hi All ...
Hope you are looking forward to the next challenge!
Here it is!

Using only SOLIDS:
1. Make a traditional Card Trick quilt block any size you wish.
2. Make it again but change or distort it in some way(s) -
for example, size, color, proportion, orientation. In other words,
play with it!
3. Using your second block as your model, change it some more.
4. Keep repeating this process - always use the last completed
block to change or distort the next.
5. Make as many blocks as you want.
Your piece will be whatever size you want it to be.
6. Sew your blocks together ... if they are different sizes and you
want a rectangular quilt, add fabric wherever necessary.

Have fun creating! Post some sneak peaks and your finishes.


  1. Great challenge. The card trick block has been my nemesis for a while, for no good reason that I can see. This should be very interesting. I can't wait to see what everyone does.

  2. I made a Card Trick block over 30 years ago, but I think it's time for an updated version!

  3. I am so gonna have to buy some solids. I don't have any . . .

  4. Can't wait to get back to NYC to get set up so I can work on this!

  5. OOps! I missed the FIRST instruction....Use ONLY solids. Sorry. I'm SOooo bad with details! ;)


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