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Friday, September 9, 2011


Yesterday I also got frustrated.
The few blue triangles I had cut out
kept falling off the wall as I moved them around.
And I didn't have enough of one color to make "cards"
and keep track of what I was trying to accomplish.
So I cut out 4 squares of paper for the 4 cards.
Then on each piece I made one slit half way down to the center.
I started at the middle of 1 side & stopped in the middle of the square.
This allowed me to fold under the hidden quarter for all the cards.
(It's easier for me to see the block as a "whole"
rather than a bunch of triangles.)
What I am working on above is distortion ...
the square cards are now rectangles.


  1. I posted about how I made this block on my blog yesterday. Looks like adding rectangles on point would be great too!

  2. I am looking forward to some time to play with these over the next few days. I am so happy to be learning from everyone else! Sometimes it is good not to be first.

  3. wow! Fabulous idea.
    glen: still looking for time to sit and sew......maybe this weekend, hospice called a meeting about mom today.

  4. It's fun to see how people interpret this challenge.. I have a couple thoughts to try, if I can get through making another block! Hege! Good idea to work it out with paper!


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